7 Most Famous Types of Tea in China

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When you think of China, you can’t deny the fact that the word tea naturally pops in your head. It is almost used synonymously, and many anthropologists agree that Chinese strongly believe in the medicinal benefits of tea. A testament to this ideology, whenever students of cross-cultural psychology or anthropology have to come up with their thesis topic, their go-to idea is related to tea. In fact, most dissertation writing services consider this subject to be their specialty.

Thus, if you want to learn more about the various kinds of Chinese tea, continue reading below.

1.      Chrysanthemum Tea

If you have a sweet palate, you’d be delighted to have a taste of this wonderful creation. Chrysanthemum tea is actually made by soaking dried chrysanthemum flowers in boiling water. You also have the option of mixing this mixture with goji berries and cane sugar. The flower mixture is exceptionally pleasing to one’s eye as well as tasty and sweet-scented.

This particular beverage is known for several health benefits. For example, if you have a sore throat or really high fever, this drink can soothe your throat and help in recovery. Furthermore, it treats high blood pressure, hyperthyroidism, and many respiratory issues. The flowers and its scent is also used to calm your nerves and induce positive feelings.

2.      Pu-er Tea

Despite being extremely popular in China, this tea doesn’t have many fans. This tea is naturally fermented, and it is believed that the older the tea gets, the better it tastes. It is high on caffeine and widely used in the southern Yunnan province. Certain particles of the tea have documented effects on reducing obesity, cholesterol, and blood sugar level.

In addition to reducing radical damage, this tea is essentially known for boosting immunity. Some people suggest that it helps in reducing weight. However, this claim doesn’t hold sufficient data to support the theory. Interestingly, this tea doesn’t come in the form of leaves. Instead, it is bought in the form of pressed bricks.

3.      Da Hong Pao

Do Hong Pao is famously grown in the Wuyi Mountains and is sold at extremely high prices. As a matter of fact, if you go on to buy one kilo of good quality Da Hong Pao, you’ll have to spend $100 on it. Being considered a rare form of tea, it comes with many benefits. It is great for someone who wants to lose weight, control their diabetes, strengthen teeth, prevent tooth decay, prolong their life span, and boost immunity.

Furthermore, it does wonders to your skin and mental health. If you’re experiencing somatic symptoms of stress, this tea can be miraculous. Like other types of oolong tea, Da Hong Pao also has moderate levels of caffeine.

4.      Tieguanyin

The word Tieguanyin means iron goddess of mercy, and that seems to resonate with people who are fond of this drink. Depending on how you choose to process the leaves, this Chinese oolong can be made into either black or green tea. It is famous for its strong aroma and taste.

Being rich with vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids; this tea is perfect for people of all ages. The antioxidants found in this drink contain anti-allergic properties, which soothes the skin and makes it soft and young. If you want to freshen up and feel relaxed, you should drink a cup of this tea every day. Apart from this, if you’re pregnant, then you should consider making it a regular part of your day.

5.      Keemun Black Tea

This classic tea is widely used in the west. It is known for incredible health benefits and has an exotic, smoky aroma and a light floral taste. It also has high contents of caffeine. It reduces blood pressure and brings sugar level down. Furthermore, being rich with antioxidants, this tea promises to provide healing properties.

Therefore, you can expect a magical skin glow, lesser inflammation, and a supreme freshness. Additionally, the metabolism system works effectively and aids in reducing weight. Overall, the people of China enjoy this unsweetened cocoa.

6.      Junshan Silver Needle

It is believed that Mao Zedong loved this tea. It is often enjoyed on special occasions as this, too, is a rare and expensive tea. Being low on caffeine; this drink can be consumed after dinner. Furthermore, it includes higher portions of water, so brewing it is a fantastic visual experience. In addition to this, it improves eyesight, reduces blood pressure, and increases hydration. It is fondly known as a silver tea and doesn’t stain your teeth like other forms of tea.

7.      Huangshan Maofeng

This is a special form of tea as it helps fight harmful bacteria from the body. It particularly targets intestines and increases immunity. It aids in preventing cancer and thinning of veins and arteries. It has similar effects as endorphins as it helps in cheering up the mood. It also has anti-ageing properties which directly impacts the skin and hair. It improves the function of heart, relieves spasm, and promotes healthy blood circulation. Thus, it can be established that this green tea is extremely effective in maintaining a healthy body.


Hence, it can be concluded that tea is generally ideal for consumption due to numerous beneficial properties.

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