Can Worrying Be Healthy?

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Worrying or anticipated concerns are often classified as an unhealthy reaction to a stressful stimulus. The term, itself, goes hand in hand with anxiety, stress or apprehension. As it generates these negative emotions, it is never viewed in a positive light.

Worry can be healthy if it takes place at a moderate pace. Healthy worry shows that you care about something enough to stress over it. However, the line between healthy worry and unhealthy worry is extremely thin. The only thing separating the two is your control over the emotions. The following includes several aspects of life that are healthy to worry about:

The academic deadlines

Stressing over academic deadlines is completely healthy. This is a sign that you care about where you stand in terms of the goals you have set out for yourself. However, this concern should be as minor as making sure that you are sticking to a schedule or that you are taking the steps necessary to meet the due date.

However, if the duration of the worrying period exceeds the night before the project is due, or if the worrying is hindering your ability to work to the best of your ability, you have crossed the line and entered the stage of apprehension. At this point, stressing over the project is pointless because you no longer have control over it. As a result, save yourself from the stress and hire a dissertation writing service to help yourself get through the night.

Worrying about the health

Parallel to the preceding, concerns over your wellbeing are completely rational and valid. This means that you love yourself enough to concern about what your body is up to. This worry can be described as:

• Making sure that you are taking your vitamins
• Ensuring that you are getting a full night’s sleep
• Engaging in physical exercise to maintain a fit and healthy body
• Seeing the doctor every once in a while for a physical check-up
• Consuming healthy, nutritious food
• Seeing a doctor instead of searching the search engine for signs and symptoms of diseases.

All these concerns about health are valid. However, if the frequency and intensity of these concerns become elevated, the line has been crossed again. If your mind is always stressed over what you ate, or if you worked out enough, or if you slept enough, then it is messing with your day to day functioning. This kind of stress can prevent you from leading a healthy and normal life.

Caring about a situation

Stressing over a certain situation is healthy. For instance, if you are worried that your partner is not speaking to you, it is completely normal and okay. As long as you have the power to remain in control, and take action to resolve the issue immediately, you are still in healthy territory. For instance, if you are worried about your partner, you can communicate your issues with them and talk it out to get to the real reason why they are behaving in this manner.

The unhealthy alternative would be to stay in that state of stress, binge eat or stalk your partner on various social media platforms. When you are unable to act against a certain situation, worrying becomes unhealthy and unnecessary.

Feeling concerned over the future

Feeling concerned over the future is normal. It can even be motivating for some people. When you think about the goals you have set for yourself, a little bit of worry can help you find the motivation you need to achieve them.

Your concerns about the future are healthy as long as you are in control. Your degree of worry can be calculated easily by determining whether or not the feeling brushes against you or hits you hard. For instance, if you are worried about an upcoming event such as speaking in public, then it is normal as long as you are concerned about the big things. You may think about the audience size, or if you will be able to perform well, or what you will wear, etc.

The alternative worry, which is unhealthy, would be you stressing over every minute element related to the event. You may find yourself going to the venue to determine the audience size. You may find yourself purchasing outfits after outfits to make sure that you look best or you may not eat all day because of the stress related to performing. As this can interfere with your mental well-being, this is completely unhealthy.

Worrying about the people you care for

If you love your partner, your parents, your friends, then worrying about them is completely natural. It’s okay to be concerned over their mental and physical well being as long as it doesn’t affect your mental well-being. Healthy worry can be that you are doing everything in your power to help your friends and family, whereas unhealthy worry would be you becoming obsessed with their situation.

In conclusion, the emotion of worry is healthy as long as you are in control over it. However, if you feel as if you are losing this control, seek assistance from a mental health professional.

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