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The abstract subdivision of a dissertation project is the essential aspect of the whole research article. When research is published, the reader often skims through the journal by reading the abstracts of the researches. This section informs the readers about the purpose of the research and its key ideas which are discovered in the research findings.

In addition to helping the readers scan the journals, the abstract is also essential due to indexing. Most websites only host researches with an indexed abstract, which can be viewed by the general public for free. Hence, the research becomes exposed to a larger group of audience.

The abstract of a dissertation is written with precision and conciseness. The abstract is a summary of the entire research. In most dissertation formats, the abstract usually comprise of hundred to two-fifty words.

As the abstract of the dissertation is the essential aspect, it should be written with meticulous consideration. The following tips should be acknowledged while writing the abstract for a dissertation project.

Write the abstract after the conclusion

In a typical dissertation project, the abstract is placed right underneath the research title.  Despite its initial placement, the abstract of the research should be written after writing the entire paper.

The most authentic and convenient way to write a summary of the research is to attempt the section after writing the entire paper; this can assist the individual by highlighting all the key points, which can then be paraphrased and displayed in a precise yet informative format.

The abstract format:

The abstract educates the reader regarding everything that the dissertation project includes. Thus, it must include certain significant elements. The following components must be made part of the abstract section of the dissertation:

The research topic

The abstract should begin by introducing the topic of the research, while simultaneously providing the background on the topic under discussion. The topic should be presented using simplistic words which define everything that the researcher intends to study. For instance, the abstract topic can be written in an ensuing manner,

“In spite of the substantial criticism carried out against the feminist discussions carried out in third world countries, the dissertation explores the differences in thought processes concerning the feminist movement in the United Kingdom.”

Referencing the preceding example, it can be noted that the research topic and the background is condensed in a single statement, thus showing that the dissertation abstracts must be kept concise.

The research questions

The abstract must also include what the research aims to study; this suggests that a simplified version of the hypothesis must also be included in the dissertation abstract. However, if the research is multi-faceted, it is essential to include all the objectives which the research aims to investigate, and this should also be written in one to two sentences, in a concise manner.


The sample used for the research

The dissertation project includes the conduction of original research using a large sample. For the research to be reliable, valid and generalizable, it is essential to include a large and diverse sample.

The abstract should inform the readers about the sample used to carry out the research. This sample information should comprise of the sample size, the genders, the geographic location, and the age. Any additional information may also be included. However, this information should be presented in a one lined statement.  For example, the following statement can be framed:

“The research comprised of a sample (n=400) individuals of ages 16-19 years of age, of which (n=200) were females and (n=200) were males. The subjects were all middle school students from Paddington Academy.”

The research method and the tools used

The research method should further be discussed in the abstract in a precise manner. A one-liner should inform the audience about the mannerism in which the research was carried out.  Additionally, the use of instruments in the research should be further included in the abstract. For instance, the writers can include the line, “The investigation followed a repeated measures design which was carried out over an extension of three days.  The researchers administered the use of questionnaires and interviews to collect qualitative data.”

The findings of the research

Although the research has several results, the writers need to include the key revelations of the experiment. In this section, one line informing the reader about whether or not the hypothesis was accepted or rejected should be added.

Conclusion and implication

The abstract can conclude with the conclusion, and the implication of the research carried out. A brief statement can be formulated to inform the reader about the significant and the impact of the research.

Considering the features mentioned above, the dissertation’s abstract must be carefully constructed. The overall writing style should be formal and must be following the referencing style used in the field.

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