Habits That Lead to Success

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Every human being in this world has a dream. A dream can be big, or it can be small, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that nothing in this world is for free. The world doesn’t owe us anything. To achieve a dream, we need to adopt some habits. These are universal habits and things that many successful people have adopted over the years and continue to do so.

These are habits that are proven to lead to success. But here’s the catch, these habits aren’t easy to adopt, and that’s why so many of us falter and fail to achieve our goals. Life is hard for everyone; there’s no getting over that fact. What differentiates successful people from the rest of the world is the fact that they embrace this reality of life whole-heartedly. After all, if there are no escaping life’s difficulties, then why not make the best of it.

All ideas are born out of a dream, out of a desire that human beings experience in their hearts. But not everyone is ready to pay the price for achieving that dream. So how does one learn to achieve his dreams? By learning about what people who did achieve their dreams, do. By studying successful people over the years, we now possess knowledge of the greatest principles that successful people have adopted throughout the years.

Set Goals and Follow Them

All of us can and do set goals. Just think about the term ‘new year’s resolution’. Every New Year’s resolution is a goal that people set for that year. But how many of them follow through with it. Not many apparently. Following through with a goal demands guts and discipline, this is why the gyms are full at the start of the year, but the number of people starts to dwindle as the year progresses.

Successful people not only set goals but follow through with it diligently. H.L Hunt, a great oil billionaire, once said that success could be achieved by fulfilling two requirements. The first is to decide what one wants, and the second is the resolve to pay the price that needs to be paid for fulfilling that desire.


Consistency is the most important thing to adopt in life. Consistency is a sure fire way to becoming an expert at anything; this is a widely known fact. But what’s not so widely known is that maintaining consistency isn’t an easy task. Why? Because life is an unpredictable journey. It has its ups and downs.

There will be times when one doesn’t want to do what needs to be done to accomplish personal goals. But it is these tough times that contribute the most towards achieving success. In the end, it’s the courage to continue that counts. Take an example of a dissertation writer who consistently writes every day versus the one who gives up when he doesn’t feel like writing. Who do you think succeeds in the quest to be the best of dissertation writers?

Make the Best of Every Situation

As stated earlier, life is unpredictable and never static. There will be both favorable and unfavorable situations on the road to success. We have no control over that, but what we do have is the control over our reaction to different situations. The people who truly desire success don’t give up just because the times don’t favor them. Instead, they make the best of every situation and use it to their advantage; this is how almost all great artists, philosophers and writers are born. They take the most difficult times of their lives and use it to inspire other people.

Take Responsibility for Life

It’s an undeniable fact that nothing in this world is for free. The world doesn’t owe anyone anything. Everything that happens in our life is a product of our actions in the past. And everything that the future holds for us will be a result of our action today. Understanding this is important if one hopes to achieve success.

Taking responsibility for our own lives allows us to empower ourselves, and not resort to blaming external factors for our live, this is an easily distinguishable trait dividing successful people and failures. Successful people understand that it is our actions that define our lives. While unsuccessful people always find excuses or things to blame for their failure. We can number one: choose to accept what fate has decided for us, or we can resolve to make a difference, and not stop struggling till achieving what we want.

Valuable Relationships

No matter how much the media glorifies lone wolves and one-person armies, we can’t deny the fact that people achieve together with other people’s help. Just take a look at three of the biggest companies on the planet today, Microsoft, Apple and Facebook. Two people, not one created all three of these giants. There’s no solo journey to success.


An undeniable rule of this world is that to achieve something; we need to sacrifice something else. This sacrifice can come in many forms. It may require sacrificing one’s time, one’s pleasure or one’s entertainment. Successful people can be found working towards their goal during the weekend when other people are wasting away time drinking or dancing.

But achieving success isn’t only limited to trivial things. It can also involve sacrificing things much bigger than that. Just have a look at Nelson Mandela. The South African Nobel Peace Prize winner sacrificed his entire life for the betterment of his country. It took a long time, but he eventually achieved what he wanted.

Never Give Up

Our life is a test. And it’s our reaction to the tests presented to us, which decides our chances of achieving success. Nothing of significance comes without having to take on tough challenges. Not giving up when faced with an adversary is what will lead one to success. If Thomas Edison gave up making a light bulb before the 10,000th time, we wouldn’t have electricity today. If J.K Rowling gave up the first time a publisher rejected her novel, we would not have the masterpiece that is Harry Potter. Successful people don’t know how to give up, and that is what ultimately makes them successful

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