How Mobile Devices Have Revolutionized Our Lives

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The one piece of technology that has probably had the most significant impact on our lives is mobile phones. They have transformed our world into a global village, with instant communication across vast distances. And with the emergence and subsequent popularity of smartphones, communication is just one of the many things made easier in life today.

Of course, to contribute everything simply to the smartphone would be a folly. Much of what we do today on a smartphone would not be possible without advancements in internet technology. But smartphones are ultimately at the forefront and the gateway to all the wonderful things we can do today.

It wouldn’t be too far-fetched to say that smartphones today are like complete, self-sufficient computers. What we used to do on computers a few years ago can now comfortably be done on a smartphone. Take the example of a student who wishes to hire a dissertation writer. A few years ago, that would have meant booting up a computer, waiting for the internet to connect and then search for dissertation writers by browsing on a search engine. Fast forward in the present era, not only can all of that be done on a smartphone, but it can be done much quicker.

That begs the question, how has the smartphone truly revolutionized the world we live in and the life we have? In the instant gratification era we live in today, it can be easy to overlook many of the tasks we accomplish through smartphones daily. As with everything, there have been debates about our over-reliance and to some degree, addiction, to smartphones. But this post primarily focuses on the various ways smartphones have spearheaded the shift in the dynamics of the world today.


Human beings have been obsessed with discovering the planet we live on since ancient times. We are, after all, curious creatures by nature. This curiosity ultimately led to the creation of maps. And those maps have acted as guides for people to get around ever since. However, paper maps are static.

It can be difficult to pinpoint one’s location on a paper map. With advancements made in GPS satellites, the internet and smartphones, navigating anywhere now are extremely simple. Not only that, but now there’s a wealth of information available for people about the directions to a certain place.

With smartphone navigation, users can find out the shortest route to a destination. Smartphone maps calculate the shortest path by taking into account several factors such as traffic, roadblocks etc. Users can also get an idea of peak traffic hours as well as more information about their commute. Navigation today is as in-depth and as easy as possible.

Online Shopping

Shopping has always been about going to a physical store, picking up required items, paying for them, and then driving back home. But with online shopping, all that changed. It brought with it convenience. Convenience is, after all, the main driving force behind any technology.

So how has the shopping experience changed? Well, now all one has to do is navigate to a website or an app, pick items and get them delivered right to the doorstep: no commute, no rush hours, no waiting in check-out lines. Even now, smartphones are considered to be integral in the future of online shopping. With developments in artificial intelligence and augmented reality, shoppers will get personalized suggestions and be able to view products virtually in real time.

Smartphones also enable keeping up with sales, thanks to pushing notifications. It’s no wonder then that estimates smartphone and tablets to account for over $1.6 billion in sales on Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined.


Of course, all the advancements made in the mobile phone industry would mean nothing if they didn’t retain the primary purpose, they were made for that is communication. While there’s something to be said about the disadvantages of the constant availability allowed by mobile phones, one can certainly not deny its benefits. It’s easier than ever now to stay informed of any emergency or contact anyone when it’s urgent. It has also become exceedingly easy to contact loved ones who live far away as well as stay updated on their life.

Staying Informed

The integration of mobile technology in our lives has also had a significant impact on the way we stay informed about local and international affairs around the world. No longer is there a need to wait for the nine o’ clock news. Today, all news can be accessed from mobile phones, either through curated news apps or even social media. Plus, mobile phones are also a great tool for governments to inform citizens of any weather warnings or a crisis. Plus, announcements can be made to thousands of people, about upcoming festivals or gatherings at just a single click of a button.


Smartphones aren’t just a source of making things in life simpler or better. They have also evolved to be a great source of entertainment. The rise of online streaming services like Netflix have made watching TV shows and movies accessible to everyone. Then there are the games.

Today’s mobile games are a far cry from the simple 2D ‘snake’ games we used to battle over in the dumbphone era. Today’s games are highly advanced and complex, even matching console and PC games most of the times. The mobile gaming industry has grown into a full-fledged multi-billion-dollar industry. This industry is only expected to grow further as mobile games incorporate more and more unique ways of interactions.

Always On-hand Cameras

It’s difficult to imagine a smartphone without a decent camera today. Perhaps the one thing that has, apart from processing power and screens, witnessed a rapid pace of development is smartphone cameras. Today’s smartphone cameras are so capable that to the untrained eye, their picture quality can almost match professional DSLR cameras. And this pace of smartphone camera isn’t expected to slow down anytime soon either, with smartphones today housing multiple cameras.

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