How to Write an Abstract for a Dissertation

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Are you heading towards the completion of your university level course program? Are you excited about inching closer to the finish line, where you can finally have a big sigh of relief? If yes, then it’s quite possible that your spirits may be dampened before they can come to full rejoice once again. What we mean by this is that towards the end of their graduate and undergraduate studies, students are required to prepare an extensive and detailed research dissertation about a topic that is related to their field of study.

But the procedure is not so straightforward. There are a lot of steps involved, even before the actual work on the dissertation paper can begin. Several components have to be taken care of to ensure that it aligns with the standard universal requirements of a dissertation project, such as the abstract. An abstract is, in essence, a summarized version of your dissertation paper, indicating the core gist of the subject matter, your take on it, research methods/process and also the findings. It is an extremely condensed version of the dissertation itself.

An abstract is typically no longer than 150 to 200 words and usually comes at the very beginning of the paper, where the heading is placed. Because of the role that it performs it is crucial to place it there.

Along with this, there are other factors which have to be considered as well. So, if this is your first time preparing an abstract, then pay full attention to the tips given below.

  1. It should fulfill its purpose

When aiming to prepare an abstract, the most crucial thing to remember is that it should ultimately serve and fulfill the role that is designated to it. Its purpose and role should not be taken lightly and hence, all the components that are essential for it must be incorporated to ensure that it achieves the intended effect.

  1. Should use clear and concise language

A big mistake that students often make is that of using language which is ambiguous, vague or unclear. When they do this, the entire message is lost on the reader as they remain unable to decipher what the actual dissertation is going to be about. To avoid this, students must try to use language which is clear, concise and delivers across the message in its entirety.

  1. Should not exceed the word count

When there is an extensive dissertation that’s laying in front of you, it can become quite difficult to understand how to compress it into a few short lines. There may be many points which you may want to integrate into it, thinking that they are vital for it. But in reality, this isn’t always the case. Many points can be done away with. Therefore, students must stay mindful and only include those points which have substance. By doing this, they will be able to remain within the word count.

  1. Mention the important points

Among everything else, the central purpose of an abstract should never be forgotten. In essence, the basic role of an abstract should be to cover three main areas: a statement of your main topic, purpose and objectives. When these three areas are covered only then can a reader get a gist of the research work which you have carried out. Therefore, remain present minded while writing it so that you know exactly what it is that you want to say and can say it in the right manner.

  1. Set the right tone

Moreover, in your abstract, make sure to set the right tone for your dissertation by rightly establishing an authoritative academic tone. This would help the reader to know that you have the right sort of professional attitude that can manage a task of this magnitude.

  1. Consult sample abstract drafts online

If confusion persists and you are unsure about how to write a quality abstract, you can refer to some online dissertation writing services samples, through which you can gain better clarity about how to deal with this portion of the dissertation.

Preparing an abstract can be quite a tricky process for some students. Sometimes it’s not the lengthy content which bewilders them but rather the shorter ones, as condensing it in the right manner can become very difficult. However, with the right guidance and knowledge, they can attempt to write it correctly, fulfilling all elements that are essential for making it right. Therefore, anytime students need some direction and guidance, they should try to remember and incorporate these points in their writing routine. They may be able to overcome a lot of the difficulties that they face during the writing of the abstract for their dissertation.

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