Living a Stress-Free Life: A Comprehensive Guide

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“Garraty wondered how it would be, to lie in the biggest, dustiest library silence of all, dreaming endless, thoughtless dreams behind your gummed-down eyelids, dressed forever in your Sunday suit. No worries about money, success, fear, joy, pain, sorrow, sex, or love. Absolute zero. No father, mother, girlfriend, lover. The dead are orphans. No company but the silence like a moth’s wing. An end to the agony of movement, to the long nightmare of going down the road. The body in peace, stillness, and order. The perfect darkness of death.

How would that be? Just how would that be?”
― Stephen King, The Long Walk

To lead a life that is free from stress is a dream of every individual. Anticipation, combined with apprehension and anxiety is a recipe for living in a constant state of chaos. When you spend your life battling with stress, you are bound to end up hurting yourself the most, and when the harm becomes visible, there will be nothing but regret.

Stress is detrimental to mental health. It can prevent you from leading a healthy and peaceful life. While a little worry is healthy, experiencing stress in large amounts can drive you insane. As a result, it is crucial to learn techniques that can help you take control of your mind in this state of apprehension. The following guide includes detailed tips which can help you control the extent to which you stress over things:

Recognise the harm that it causes:

Instead of running away from stress, most people celebrate it. They view it as a driving force that can help them reach the course of objectives they have set out for themselves. These individuals welcome stress in their lives like a long-awaited guest. However, this guest does nothing for them. It overstays its visit, causes more harm than joy, and eventually, integrates itself to become the part of the house.

Hence, the first thing you need to do, to lead a stress-free life, is to accept that stress is terrible for you. It is crucial for you to realise that excessive worry can cause mental and physical health problems for you in the long run. In addition to the psychological harm, stress can cause hives, heartburn and can even lead to cardiac-related problems. Thus, the first thing you need to do is to bid farewell to the stress and move forward with your life.

Find its source

If your stress is an uninvited guest, then it has penetrated your life without your consent. Getting rid of it can be relatively harder. In this case, you are required to find out the exact moment in time that it invited itself in your life. Find out the source of the issue. Think about the triggers that land you in a state of frenzy. Introspect and visualise everything that can be causing stress in your life.

Once you find this source, getting rid of it can become simpler. For instance, if your stress entered your life when the academic projects started to pile-up, you can liberate yourself from it by hiring a dissertation help service. Identifying the source can help you file a restraining order against the uninvited guest.

Understand that some things are just out of your control

Acceptance about the things that are out of your control can help you lead a stress-free life. The greatest fear of human beings is letting go of the control they have over their lives. This is why things like emotional vulnerability are complex for most people to experience.

However, any form of control in life is nothing but an illusion. In reality, nobody controls anything. Whatever happens, takes place because it is meant to happen. The scientific theory rejects the concept of free will.

You can take this perspective into account when you are trying to release the stress. Know that some things cannot be changed, no matter what you do. As a result, stressing about it can cause you more harm than good.

When you do encounter a situation where you feel that you lack control, take a deep breath in, hold it, and empower yourself to believe that no matter what happens, you are strong enough to deal with it.

Focus on the here and now

Instead of dwelling on something that is not happening in the present, focus on what you do have. If you live your entire life thinking about something that will happen in the future, you are bound to miss out on everything that happens at the moment.

Appreciate the beauty of living in the present. Think about everything that you have everything. When you live in the moment, you will find your stress transforming itself into gratitude.

Leading a stressful life is not a healthy way to live. If you find your anxiety and apprehension standing in the way of your mental well-being, it is imperative for you to take assistance from a mental health professional. There is no shame in seeking assistance. Lead the life that you can look back and be proud of!

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