What Comes Under Dissertation Acknowledgements?

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Dissertation writing is a complex process and, thus, the people who assist you during this high-time have your respect for eternity. However, is it enough? The frequently witnessed things in a dissertation document are enriched vocabulary, technical terms, and other complex concepts. This document showcases well-researched work where there is no room for emotions or… Read More

Habits That Lead to Success

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Every human being in this world has a dream. A dream can be big, or it can be small, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that nothing in this world is for free. The world doesn’t owe us anything. To achieve a dream, we need to adopt some habits. These are universal habits and things… Read More

Video Games: Beneficial or Disastrous?

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Playing games is one of the oldest forms of passing the time adopted by human beings. In the earlier days, games used to be a purely physical activity. But in the 20th century, virtual forms of games came into existence and were played on a screen. Hence, the name of video games emerged. Fast forward… Read More

How Mobile Devices Have Revolutionized Our Lives

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The one piece of technology that has probably had the most significant impact on our lives is mobile phones. They have transformed our world into a global village, with instant communication across vast distances. And with the emergence and subsequent popularity of smartphones, communication is just one of the many things made easier in life… Read More

How To Start A Dissertation?

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The academic domain is a double-edged sword, as with its favorable advantages, come its drawbacks. Students put themselves through the torturous cycle of writing out long and drawn out writing pieces, which incapacitate their sensibility, as they are drowning in a pool thick of their exhaustion, strain and undue pressure. Students typically find themselves in… Read More

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