What Comes Under Dissertation Acknowledgements?

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Dissertation writing is a complex process and, thus, the people who assist you during this high-time have your respect for eternity. However, is it enough?

The frequently witnessed things in a dissertation document are enriched vocabulary, technical terms, and other complex concepts. This document showcases well-researched work where there is no room for emotions or projection of any personal feeling.

On the other hand, the acknowledgement section in the dissertation document is installed to express gratitude towards the people. This chapter depicts how their staunch and robust support assisted you to put together a complete dissertation document.

The beauty of acknowledgement chapter is its transparency and the heart-felt note put forth before the world to witness. This chapter entails the contribution honestly made by the people, which not only showcases your respect towards the said personalities but also allows you to make it publicly known.

The structure followed in the acknowledge chapter is the enlistment of the formal personalities to the least formal. Jotting such a list is not a cinch task as missing any one person from it can hurt or offend his/her feelings. Hence, you should be extra careful while fabricating this section and keep everyone’s input in check.

To formulate this chapter, there are several things you should keep into account:

  • The written content should not exceed more than two pages.
  • Keep the font size and style similar to the one utilised in the rest of the dissertation document.
  • Only thank people who enabled you to complete your dissertation either directly or indirectly.

These people can either be from your family, social circle or maybe a part of the institution you are/were enrolled in. Based on this possibility, the acknowledgements can be categorised into two types:

Personal Acknowledgement

This type of acknowledgement is for the people who boosted your morale, cooked your meals, did your laundry or just listened to your academic woes. Thus, personal relations, such as the immediate family or close friends, can be included in this category.

It does not mean that you can start naming and thanking each individual from your social circle; only the ones who stood by your side during the dissertation writing should be mentioned.

If you wish to mention an ancestral relation, such as your great-great-grandmother, or someone you have never met in your entire life but were moved by them, it is essential to provide a solid reason behind your inspiration. For instance, you can state, “I would like to thank my great-uncle, whose research proved to be the solid foundation for the study.”

The sentences fabricated for this acknowledgement should be kept formal. As it is the first chapter to the dissertation document, adopting an inappropriate tone may fade the credibility of the paper.

Professional Acknowledgement

This category enrolls professionals belonging to academia or any other relevant organisations. These people may have assisted you with the writing process or may have collaborated with you to deduce correct results. They can either be your supervisor, lab attendant, librarian, or your friend. The credit among these individuals should be justly distributed, and you should avoid adding people who were nowhere in the picture to assist you.

It is a general practice to mention professors and other academia figures’ contribution through their last names, followed by their respective job titles. However, you can use your friends’ first names to preserve their identities.

If a group of friends helped you to put your dissertation results together, you do not need to acknowledge each individual’s effort separately by naming them. Instead, mentioning the group name can portray your gratitude towards them.

Tinge of Uniqueness

Intriguingly, some students are interested in taking the acknowledgement writing a step further. Other than the atheists, some students are tempted to mention how god has helped them pave their way towards the dissertation completion stage. Although it is not strictly prohibited, it is better to stick to the general convention of thanking personal and academic bodies.

Also, some students want to mention how their pet added comfort to their lives during this period. Again it is students’ call, but citing a cat or a dog above any funding support body won’t sound right.

Concluding Remarks

An acknowledgement section does not take much time to formulate as the other chapters of the dissertation. However, it is a medium to communicate your gratitude towards the relevant bodies and missing any prominent figure may not reflect well on your part. Therefore, you should craft this section after carefully enlisting every individual.

In case you are stuck, you can start the document with, “I would like to thank…,” and then complete the sentence keeping the respective person’s contribution in check.

As this will be the first chapter to your dissertation, make it stand out.

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